“Debra Bloomfield is creating a body of work for our eyes and ears that beckons us to experience our own wild hearts beating in harmony with the heart of the Tongass National Forest, now threatened.”

—Terry Tempest Williams 

 Sitka Conservation Society - sitkawild.org

WILDERNESS (2007-2012)

Wilderness Book Cover Image

Wilderness Book Cover Image

For five years I fell into a new landscape. An unfamiliar sound deep in the woods captivated my soul's full attention. The croaking of the common raven, Corvus corax, has drawn me into this environment. I have delved into Northwest America, the Tongass National Forest, and the waterways of Southeast Alaska known as the Narrows. This work consists of both my visual and audible responses to a wilderness which has pushed me out of my comfort zone as an artist.

This journey has made me understand the importance of continued preservation of wild places, which was the passion and life’s work of Margaret Murie and her husband Olaus Murie.

Debra Bloomfield, 2014


“That we live in a precarious world; that we are threatened by man’s ingenuity; that we need a less consumptive lifestyle in order to preserve the beauty and grace of our world; and that our remaining wild places, our wilderness, have to be a most important element in all our thinking and all our doing.”

Margaret Murie, 1990